In September 2009, Grace Song established ASIA Families in the Washington, DC metro area to meet the complex needs of Korean adoptees and adoptive families.

Through her gentle heart and passionate leadership, ASIA Families has extended its services to reach out to over 1000 Korean adoptees and adoptive families in the United States.


  • to support Korean adoptees and their families
  • to build healthy self-esteem among adoptees
  • to grow adoptee leaders through cultural resources

Grace often says “Learn your culture, be comfortable with who you are, and serve others within the adoption communities.”


During her tenure as a post-adoption social worker in the Washington, DC area, Grace was responsible for:

  • Organizing numerous birthland tours to Korea
  • Directing cultural events such as culture schools and culture camps for international adoptees
  • Counseling teens and parents who are about to begin their birth searches
  • Being a facilitator and interpreter for reunion meetings between Korean adoptees and birth families


Grace is a recipient of many awards for her service to Korean adoptees and their families, including Presidential Volunteer Award and an Excellency Award by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea.

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