ASIA Families Culture School Featured in Korea Daily

On May 12, Korea Daily featured the closing ceremonies for Korean Culture School, Spring 2015. Korea Daily is the most-read Korean language newspaper in the United States, published in nine major metropolitan areas.

ASIA 입양인 봉사회 한국문화학교 종강식

ASIA Families hosted the Korean Culture School semester closing ceremony on May 9, 2015

ASIA Families, Inc.,  led by Grace Song, hosted the semester closing ceremony for Korean Culture School at the Korean United Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, MD on May 9, 2015. The closing ceremony was attended by adopted children, Korean American volunteers, adult adoptees and adoptive parents - total 180 people. Participants enjoyed children’s performances  and presentations on what they have learned this semester. 

During this last session, adoptive parents had small group book discussions after reading books on Korean culture and adoption issues.   ASIA Families presented red carnation paper flowers to all adoptive parents and adult adoptees who are parents to show appreciation of their parental love.  These flowers were hand made by volunteers.  

ASIA Families implemented its first semester of Korean Culture School six years ago when there were only twenty adopted children.  Now the school serves seventy-five adopted children. 

ASIA Families is running online fundraiser to raise funds to sustain post adoption services. Grace Song states that more Korean American donors are needed to sustain post adoption services for adoptees.