Join us for an amazing opportunity for both children and adult adoptees to visit their birth country. Led by ASIA Families's Executive Director, Grace Song, our Korea tour brings together our knowledge of the language, travel, culture, and international adoption experiences to offer you the trip of a lifetime. In the words of one of our recent tour participants:

"I would do this tour again in a heartbeat....the best experience that I could have ever hoped for! …"

Adult adoptees Dress up for Palace Tour During our 2018 Korea Bridge Tour

Adult adoptees Dress up for Palace Tour During our 2018 Korea Bridge Tour

Special Offer: Sponsorships for Adult Adoptees

We are thrilled to sponsor adult adoptees for a special Korea tour that overlaps with our 2019 family tour. Adult adoptees will be responsible to pay for their airfare and ASIA Families will cover most ground expenses for 11 days.

Highlights of our Korea Tour for Adult Adoptees

  • Visit your adoption agency and other locations specific to your roots in Korea, such as your birth place or orphanage.

  • Receive assistance in your birth family search from local Koreans and police officers.

  • Visit tourist sites in Seoul, Gyeongju, and Busan with other adoptees.

  • Meet students at an alternative high school for North Korean defectors.

Advantages of Traveling with ASIA Families

  • Travel to Korea with other adult adoptees who understand you.

  • Travel with Korean-American volunteer friends who care about you.

  • Meet new Korean friends (both host families and college students) during the tour.

  • Let our experienced, bilingual tour leaders take the worry out of planning the tour and managing the details of travel in a foreign country.

Highlights of the Korea Bridge Tour 2018

See why adoptees and families called our 2018 tour “amazing — the best experience imaginable.” For the story behind each photo, check out our daily tour update on Facebook.

Explore Your Roots in Korea

ASIA Families works with each of families and adult adoptees on the tour to arrange a visit to their adoption agency. When possible, arrangements are also made to visit birth cities and/or foster families. 

"The best part of the trip was the personalized tour to my children's birth cities with super-helpful volunteers... the opportunity to meet our child's foster mom... as an adult adoptee, the highlight was meeting my father."

Experience Korea as a Tourist — and an Insider

With ASIA Families, you visit the traditional tourist sites in Seoul, such as Kyongbokkung Palace and Namdaemun Market, as well as the National Museum and Folk Village in Gyeongju and the beaches of Busan. In addition, you and your family visit not-so-traditional sites, such as a center for disabled children and an alternative school for teenagers who are refugees from North Korea.

"All your arrangements were so perfect -- not touristy, but rather diverse and a good experience of Korean culture... I loved doing things that a tourist would never have a chance to do: meeting the students from North Korea, volunteer with disabled children, participate in an honorary citizenship ceremony."

Enjoying a delicious Korean Meal with a host family

Enjoying a delicious Korean Meal with a host family

Build Life-Long Friendships in Korea

During the tour, you  will spend a day with a host family that has been carefully matched with you. For many participants, this is one of the most memorable parts of the trip: visiting in a home or apartment, sharing a meal, and enjoying the boundless hospitality for which Koreans are famous. You will also get to know local Korean volunteers who assist with various aspects of the tour.

"After meeting our host family, it felt like we had known each other forever. Our whole family had so much fun being with them. It was so easy and comfortable, and so hard to say goodbye."

travel together.JPG

Share Your Experiences in a Supportive Environment

Travel with adoptive families and adult adoptees, as well as adoption professionals and members of the Korean-American community, who understand and support each other through a journey that you will treasure forever.

"I think the size and composition of the group is very important. Ours was perfect. It added a lot to have both families and adult adoptees along, I can't imagine a better experience...."

2020 Korea Bridge Tour Details

We are currently planning our 2020 tour.

Tour Dates

Tuesday, June 23 through Friday, July 3


Includes attractions and shopping in Seoul, trips to Gyeongju and Busan, a day with a host family, options for visits with foster families and/or trips to birth cities, and two additional free days in Seoul.


For families: Includes lodging, ground transportation, post-adoption activity support, travelers' insurance, admissions to attractions, and meals (except meals during your free time). Most tours of this type charge around $4950 per person, including airfare, with a $200 airfare discount for children.

For adult adoptees: ASIA Families will cover most ground expenses. Adoptees are responsible for airfare as well as food and transportation during free time.


For more information or to reserve a spot on the 2020 tour, contact Grace Song.