Knowing My Identity Through Korean Cultural Education

This week, the Korea Times featured our closing ceremony of Korean Culture School for Spring 2016. Here is the English translation.

Smiling children and teachers at Korean Culture School

Smiling children and teachers at Korean Culture School

ASIA Families hosted Korean Culture School closing ceremony, also running an on-line fundraiser 

ASIA Families (Executive Director Grace Song) hosted the end of the semester ceremony on May 14, 2015. Korean Culture School, located at the United Korean Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, MD, offers classes to learn about Korean culture through classes that teach Korean holidays, music, hanbok traditions, games, cooking and arts and craft for Korean adoptees and their adoptive families.  

This semester there were 220 participants consisting five classes of children, teens and adoptive parents. Parent program offerings included presentations from North Korea issues and defectors, Korean traditional art, and discussions after watching an adoption movie. 

During the closing ceremony, children offered carnations to their parents, honoring their love.   A Presidential Volunteer Award (Bronze level) was awarded to Soon Ja Ji, the Korean Culture School director. 

Grace Song stated it has been almost 8 years since ASIA Families started serving adoptive families in the Washington, DC area and offering cultural education. ASIA Families’ programs aim at supporting Korean adoptees not to lose their Korean heritage and to become leaders who contribute to both Korea and the United State.

ASIA Families is planning a KAD conference on June 18, 2016 and a Korean Culture Camp, Camp Rice, on July 28-30, 2016.   

An online fundraiser is taking a place currently. Visit at to support ASIA Families’ mission.

Younghee Chung, Korea Times