ASIA Families Receives Award for Korean Community Services

ASIA Families received a generous donation from the Washington Shining Star Church (WSSC) during an awards program on December 21, 2016 at the Korean Community Services Center in Annandale, VA. Thanks to Grace Song for translating this article from the Korea Daily.

ASIA Families founder Grace Song (second from right) receives award from WSSC

ASIA Families founder Grace Song (second from right) receives award from WSSC

Washington Shining Star Church gives away $23,000 to local community-based organizations.

Washington Shining Star Church (WSSC, Rev. Yong Woo Lim) continues to do good six years in a row.  

WSSC awarded donations to seven different Korean community organizations at the  Korean Community Services Center in Annandale on December 21, 2016.  

Elder Eunshik Kwak, the representative from WSSC, gave donations to following organizations;

  • Korean Community Services Center (Board Chair Sung Hee Lim): $5000
  • Korean American Scholarship Foundation (Henry Choi): $5000
  • Washington Family Counseling Center (Sunghee Lee): $2000
  • Global Children’s Foundation (Chair Mok Ja Sohn): $2000
  • Washington Korean Senior’s Association ( Kyu Hong Yeon): $2000
  • Virginia Disabled Korean Association (Young Ock Kim): $2000
  • ASIA Families (Grace Song): $2000
  • A local Fire Department, Police Station, and Public Library: $1000 each

Elder Kwak states the WSSC rolls over only 10 percent of their budget to the next year and gives away all remaining funds to the community. He also added his church members are not financially affluent but God blessed them and they want to share His blessings.

The community organization leaders thanked the church and church members, and they affirmed that the donations would be used effectively.  

Monica Lee with Washington Family Counseling Center mentioned that churches usually administer their own programs within their church boundaries, but WSSC has become a model for sharing love with other people outside of their church. 

Mok Ja Sohn with Global Children’s Foundation stated that giving to the community organizations is a more effective way to serve the community than churches trying to serve the community directly.  

Grace Song with ASIA Families explained that the donation from WSSC would be used to sponsor Korean adoptees who have not been to Korea since their adoption. 

Jae Hoon Shim  
Korea Daily